Americas issue on mode stack and tile

I'm playing with this setup:
play mode = stack and tile
move to grid = when action required

auto switch between tables = disabled

When opens a new table is working ok, moving the new table to new tables slot.
When I'm fold a hand on the table it seems just blink on stack table slot but keep all time grid table.
The table never goes to stack tables slot.
Switch the table between each of grid slots works fine.
When I fold a hand for a grid on 2nd grid slot then SaT moves the table to 1st grid slot.
It seems that SaT recognize that something happens when I fold a hand, but the table is moved always to grid slot 1st, like a hand always waiting an action.
I'm play on another 3 sites that's this setup works fine, only Americas doesn't works.

I wait, thanks!!!
Can you try Removing the "WinningPoker" site and then re-Including it again? Make sure to only press F10 to Fold when all 3 buttons are visible, and simply click in the middle of the table (not near the buttons) and then press F10

That's it. I re-include the site with more care and works fine.

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