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Full Version: Bet and Move to Grid
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So there is features for "Bet and Stack" but i would like to be able to play in a stack and have a specific bet button that moves the table to the grid when i press bet, would this be possible?
I don't want to use the move to grid when vpip or move to grid when we see a flop because there is many unnecessary pots moved from the stack. "Bet and Grid" would be perfect for how i am envisioning using the software.

Thanks for considering.
This wouldn't be too difficult to add.

But, there is already a "Move to Next Slot" hotkey. You could use that hotkey first, and then take your Bet action on the table in its new grid slot.

Does that not work for you?


That would work, i currently do similar to that, hit the keep table in grid hotkey before betting sometimes.

The bet + move would make the flow of multi-tabling nicer by having it all happen at once
Gotcha. I will add this.


Awesome, ty
(09-24-2018, 11:35 PM)5BettinGranny Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome, ty

Can you please try v2.98.01b and let me know how it works


Sorry for the delay in getting back to this, just tested today,
works exactly like i had in mind cheers


Reading this thread and exchange has sold me on the software. Very nice to see a responsive creator.