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Full Version: Pokerstars not being detected
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i used the SaT software for the first time in over a year today (free version) and although i think i've got everything working for party poker i can't get it to detect new stars tables.

if i remove the stars table and go through the setup procedure again it will detect the table when F9 is pressed and folds the hand when F10 is pressed but won't snap it to the grid. if i open a new table it is not detected.

any advice appreciated
If the Include Site setup worked for F9 and F10, then it should work. If you press Start and tables aren't detected, my guess would be that SaT thinks that the stakes are disallowed.

What version of SaT subscription are you using? Full stakes? Small stakes? Free version?

And if a table fails, can you use the SaT menu item for Help->Diagnostic->Get Window Title, and paste the results here?


title=[Big $1.10, $1K Gtd - $15/$30 ante $4 - Tournament 2615347729 Table 1],class=[PokerStarsTableFrameClass],pid=[7048]

 free version

party table open &working fine


the diagnostic was from opening a random stars tourney. i've just found if i open a random cash game it works but i need it to work for tourneys. thanks
Ahhh yes ok

Ok please download and install this version: v2.98.04i

Let me know if that fixes it


yes that seems to have worked. i also had to take party off the list of tables and go through the set up procedure again to get it working. thanks!