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Full Version: Fold HotKey not working on PartyPoker.
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I press the Fold HotKey that I've configured on SnT and it simply does not responds. It is working on other sites.
Can you give me some more information? When does it not work? When it is your turn to act? Or before its your turn to act and only the checkboxes are visible? Or both?

Do other hotkeys work on PartyPoker?


I've removed and added the site again, and it's now working.
Thanks for answering all my questions, once I reach NL10+ I'll definetely buy your software, it's a no brainer for multitabling.

PS.: I'll have some more questions over the next days, hahaha, I'm totally fascinated by how useful and efficient is your software!! Thanks!!
No problem, feel free to ask any questions Smile