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Full Version: Multi-site + table sizing
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I'm trying to run 2-3 sites with SaT now. It seems that trying to lump all 3 table types into 1 size is causing skewing etc. as some tables are forced into sizes they don't like.

Is it possible to set a distinct size per site, and then load all this into one layout with 3 slightly different table sizes?

You are correct, this is definitely a problem, since different poker sites use different proportions for their tables. Unfortunately there is currently no way to do what you are asking. I remember when I was first developing, and testing it on Stars and FullTilt, it was too much work to allow different table sizes per site. The overlap was minimal, so I decided that it was "good enough" and that it would be ok. I guess some of these euro sites will cause more problems because their software isn't as good. Sorry. Sad