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v 1.99.23
- added: CarbonPoker (merge network)
- fixed: table resizing/redrawing problems
- changed: Manual Move hotkey - if table is in last grid slot, check at start again (requested, twice)

v 1.99.24
- changed: renamed Tile Settings
- fixed: bug in Open Layout
- fixed: PartyPoker bug where popups were detected as tables
- added: PartyPoker button click regions
- added: ScanMode: BB
- added: DoylesRoom (yahatay network) - preliminary support
v 1.99.25
- fixed: LAG issue that was introduced in 1.99.24
(microsoft's fault)
v 1.99.26
- fixed: performance fixes and improvements
- fixed: call+stack/bet+stack fixed when used on tables already in stack
- added: hotkey gui popup to assist in hotkey creation
- removed: send f5 to redraw pokerstars no longer needed
- changed: Cake renamed to Cake_v1 and several fixes
- changed: Trial period changed to 21 days from 14
v 1.99.27
- fixed: tables in grid that get closed were not recognized as being closed
SaT has been in pre2.0- release for a long time, hence the 1.99.* versions. Finally I feel good enough about the feature set to officially declare version 2.0

v 2.0.0
- added: new site: ongame
- added: new site: ipoker
- changed: pricing scheme based on stakes
- added: ignore table hotkey (requested)
- fixed: Everest - clicking check was previously recognized as fold
- fixed: cake_v1 will work with smaller grid table sizes
- fixed: many other performance fixes
v 2.0.1

- changed: Manual Move hotkey renamed to 'Move to Next slot'
- changed: CarbonPoker renamed to Merge
- added: Merge Mini table support
- added: hotkey to 'Move table to previous slot' (requested)
- changed: allow exception for black buttons
- changed: 15 day trial period
- fixed: bugfixes
v 2.0.2

- fixed: partypoker modern theme hotfix

i hope i didnt break anything major cause i'm flying home for the holidays tomorrow. i will have my comp but don't know how much time ill be free. was a simple fix so lets see
v 2.0.3

- added: PokerStars Nova theme support
- fixed: previous slot hotkey bug
- fixed: bug where license is reported as open on another computer
- fixed: bug where bad license key didnt revert to free mode
- fixed: old tables bug where a table already in grid will still try to move to the next grid slot
- fixed: bug - tables 'kept in grid' should reset after program is stopped

v 2.0.4

- fixed: exclude iPoker lobby
- fixed: exclude merge tourn lobbies bug
- fixed: exclude party tourn lobbies and Replayer bug
- fixed: trial users "web error" bug
- fixed: disable hotkeys now keeps Left Click Detection on to allow mouse play
- fixed: SaT wasn't showing up in control panel add/remove programs
- added: option to show a popup with the current total # of tables
- added: option to send new tables to bottom request
- added: Bovada/Bodog support
- removed: some advanced options from gui, but still editable thru layout ini file
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