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Full Version: GG table doesnt find
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(01-05-2021, 06:47 AM)Ricky1 Wrote: [ -> ]There is one more small problem. When i use all-in hotkey at pokerok, sometimes 2bb raise is made instead of all-in. In the bet box hotkey tries to type: "100000", but 1 is sometimes missing, so it types: "00000" and 2bb raise is done. I made video of this if it is needed.

Can u fix it, please?

How often does this happen?
Are you using the setting to automatically click Bet for the All-in hotkey?
If so, can you try turning that off, just to test, and let me know if it always types the correct bet?


I use both "bet" and "allin". "Bet" hotkey is good.

Turn off "bet" hotkey and test only "allin" hotkey?
No... what I mean is, by default, when you press the "All-in" hotkey, all that SAT does is set the betbox size. And then its up to you to also either click the Bet button with your mouse, or press the "Bet" hotkey afterwards. Is this what you're doing when the problem happens?


Got it.

Without clicking allin hotkey "allin" works better, but not every time. Sometimes, if there was raise before, it doesnt put all chips into bet box, so only call or minraise is allowed.

Maybe its possible to put all chips in without "500000", but with typing "555555"? Or some other decision is possible?
Well for GG, what SAT does is send 10,000 BBs. I would be surprised if the 1 was missing. Typically it would be the numbers at the end that is missing, not the front. Can you email me the video? support(at)stackandtile(dot)com


Yes, sometimes (25% if all-in button is pressed after) its missing.

I have sent the video.
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