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Full Version: Sat not working with iPoker
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Sat is recognizing the site ( i can add my made profile ) but if I click Start! nothing happens. Worked fine when I was trying the software out on free trial period. The issue started when I registered. The older version of sat worked well. Already tried upgrade. Any thoughts? Awesome software and good job from you.
If the problem started only when you signed up, then perhaps SAT is failing to detect the stakes of the tables. This would only matter if you signed up for a Small Stakes subscription. Did you?

For tables that fail to be detected, can you use the menu item for Help -> Diagnostic -> Get Window Title, and paste me the result for those tables?


Yes, I signed up for small stakes.Here you go - 
title=[€100 GTD Rebuy 994785403 | NL Hold'em | Level 3 | 60/120 | Ante 10     v.],class=[Qt5QWindowOwnDCIcon],pid=[7792]

and ( you know what these are )-



It's a 1 eur buy-in tournament with rebuys.
Oh so you're using a custom site? That's probably the issue.

I've just added to "iPokerNew" in this new version 2.99.13e. Please try it:

Remove your custom site and Include "iPokerNew"


All good.Thank you.