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Full Version: GGPoker Active Tables
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I am currently using StackAndTile on GGPoker and iPoker. Whenever I am facing a decision on an iPoker table and a GGPoker table needs attention, it pops over the iPoker table for a second before moving after it, which sometimes causes missclicks.

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As with all sites in SAT, you need to turn off each site's individual "pop up table when action required" setting inside the poker client itself, so that the poker site doesn't pop up the table

For the longest time, GG didnt even have this setting, so there was no way to turn it off. More recently, I believe they added a "Smart popup" option. I haven't been able to figure out what it does. Check in their settings and try turning it off and see if that fixes it.

If not, complain to GG for not having a normal option to turn this off, like most other sites have. There is nothing SAT can do to prevent a poker site from popping up its own tables