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Full Version: x padder issue =(
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hi I am trying to use x padder - I set xpadder and it functions in notepad typing letters/numbers so the commands are def being sent  

but in stack and tile literally nothing is happening, no response at all.  

well, I did have one thing happen.  the table dropped behind my chrome page and I clicked the cycle hotkey on my controller and the table was brought to foreground

but other than that, nothing 

any ideas?
i also tested poker kings and pokerstars and both are not working and also tested allowing hotkeys within the poker softwares which also did not work =(

i actually had it working through pokerstars in house hotkeys but had s&t turned off
ignore the above for now I may have gotten it to work opening all 3 in admin after rs pc and creating fresh x padder profile/layout
yeah admin mode for all 3 fixed it
hopefully should help with my disability
thnx for your help with my other threads =)