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Full Version: I Poker
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Hi there,

I appreciate that Ipoker has done an upgrade today, but I cannot get it to recognise the tables now.

Can you let me know if you intend to resolve this please?

Thank you

iPoker put out an update and so SAT also needs to be updated

please try this version 2.99.16e and re-Include the "iPokerNew" site

Let me know if it works

wtf ipoker

how do i disable your software clearing the betbox every singe time when hoverin gover a table and moving my mouse causing misclicks on ipoker? This is a severe issue

wtf ipoker

fixed by disabling focus on betbox when possible
(03-28-2022, 05:50 PM)wtf ipoker Wrote: [ -> ]fixed by disabling focus on betbox when possible