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Full Version: Ongame - cannot minimize tables
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I am running BetssonPoker with SnT. The tables refused to stay minimized, both while datamining and playing. They just spring back up after I do it. I'd like to minimize all Ongame while I'm observing tables but this is impossible atm.

I play 888 as well and this problem has never occurred.

V 2.0.4
mode = PW
Never really heard of this before, this is a new one. Can you confirm that this happens both when SaT is running and not running?

There is a hotkey to "Ignore Table", that should work to solve your problem. Just hit that hotkey on each table that you do not want SaT to inspect.
This happens only while running SaT.

I use the ignore table frequently, but I don't want SaT to ignore them... I still want them organized to the stack, but I want to be able to minimize them as well!
This is very strange because SaT shouldn't be popping any tables up, unless they need action. But if you say that this doesn't happen on other sites, then for some reason OnGame is the issue.

Do they pop up immediately after trying to minimize them? Or will the table stay minimized for a short period before something triggers it to pop up?
They just pop right back up within 2 seconds.
Ok well you're gonna need to help me debug this, I'll keep firing questions as I think of them and maybe we can figure it out.

First, the most obvious: when using Tile Setting = Action Required, do the OnGame tables correctly pop out of the stack and into the grid when it is your turn?
Happy to help.

I've never used that setting... I pretty much only use SnT to size tables, stack em, and move em around the grid...
Yeah, can you try that setting and then start SaT, then just put one table in the stack and wait for your turn to act, it should then move the table into the grid. This is the most basic thing SaT does and we need to ensure first that it can do that successfully.

If you try to move a table to the stack with this setting, and SaT immediately pops it back to grid before it is your turn and continues to do that each time you try to send it to the stack, then we know theres an problem. If it works as expected, then we can rule that out..



same prob for me (cant minimize tables on ongame and ipoker)(stars, party, merge and 888 work)
did u find a solution ?
downloaded snt today and trying to set it up for my needs, will buy if everything works

win 7 aero
tile setting : action ( pop out works fine , pop back not so much for ongame (but doesnt matter))
scan mode :dwm
advanced options : all unchecked

(07-03-2012, 11:58 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]same prob for me (cant minimize tables on ongame and ipoker)(stars, party, merge and 888 work)

I want you to test out a few things for me.

1. Don't change anything. Load up OnGame and Ipoker, and reproduce the error for yourself. Try to minimize tables. Now, when do they pop back up? Immediately after minimizing? Or only when its your turn to act?

2. Next, all I want you to test is to Stop runnning SaT. Then try to minimize again and see if/when the tables pop up.

3. Finally, have you turned off this option in OnGame? If not, this could be the reason that tables pop back up..
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