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Full Version: True Poker Winnning Poker network
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Im trying to get this to work with True Poker, which is where doylesroom/ACR now is on aswell which is the Winning Poker network (old name Yatahay) ive done the config to put the .ini file in the true poker folder but it still doesnt pick it up any help??
I assume you mean you've done the Custom Site Wizard? At the end of this, you don't put the .ini file in the TruePoker folder. It should be saved automatically in C:\Program Files\StackAndTile\Sites, since that is where the program will search for the .ini files. If its correctly there, then it should then show up at the bottom of the sites dropdown list, after the option for "Other.."

Has TruePoker changed their software recently? I ask because DoylesRoom support is built in, and last I checked the software was the same as TruePoker. If thats still the case, you could try using the built in Doyles settings if you wanted.