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Full Version: Preliminary Cake2 (Revolution?) support
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Ok I've only tested this on Cake2, but as long as the tables are the same with just different skin graphics, it should work across the network. I will be looking into it more deeply in the coming week or two.

Note 1, this will only work if you are using 'DWM' setting for ScanMode in Advanced Options. This should be the default as long as you are using Windows Vista/7 with Aero theme enabled. No other scan modes will work with cake's garbage software. Even DWM scan mode will sometimes report black colors when trying to scan the table, which of course will not work.

Note 2, currently, I'm pretty sure SaT will fail to detect a Cake2 table as needing action when someone shoves, and you are last to act and cover him. Another Cake quirk. In that case, SaT will think the table DOES NOT need action, and will likely not pop into grid. Treat this "preliminary support" as such. When full support is ready and tested, it will be included.

You will need a different config depending upon your Windows display settings and also depending on your grid slot size. You can get your Windows display settings by following the instructions on this page (step4). You can get your SaT grid slot size by clicking File->Current Layout and looking at the "table_width" setting at the top of the file.

For Windows display settings at 100% (96 DPI):
if your table_width is <= 640, use cake2test_100SMALL.ini
otherwise, use cake2test_100BIG.ini

For Windows display settings at 125% (120 DPI):
if your table_width is <= 800, use cake2test_125SMALL.ini
otherwise, use cake2test_125BIG.ini

(right click, save as)

Drop the appropriate file into the folder: C:\Program Files\StackAndTile\Sites

Then open up SaT, click on the Sites tab, click on the dropdown, scroll to the bottom and you should see a new site listed: cake2test

Select cake2test and then Include Site as usual.

You'll want to ensure that this option is off in the settings
cake poker option

All this will hopefully be automated in the next update.

You can see why I've resisted to support Cake2 for so long. This site is the absofuckinglute nut low worst of all poker clients. I should boycott those motherfuckers completely but the USA sucks too