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Full Version: SaT out of the screen
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If I wanna start SaT as an administrator, the SaT window do not appear on the screen and I cannot use it...
When I just start it without as admin it appers normally?!?


well I found that it do not work at all if I want to start it as admin, there is just a white screen.. and without starting it as an admin it doesnt work for me properly...
cant believe it already crashes after I bought it 1 week ago..
The problem is likely because you have different configs from the times that you were running it as admin and when you were running it as non-admin.

With SaT closed, go to:
C:\Program Files\StackAndTile\Layouts
and find your config ini file. Open it up and look for the lines "gui_x=" and "gui_y=" and just delete those two lines. Then try to start SaT as admin