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Full Version: Sit in/out all tables
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If u play on different sites it sometimes can really be annoying when the phone/door rings and u have to sitout at all tables. Same for ending a session.
Would it be possible to make a hotkey for this? To sit in/out at all tables and maybe even another one "sitout next big blind at all tables"

Most sites have a checkbox to "Sit out next hand" or "Sit out next BB", so it might be possible to do that. However, the "sit back in" buttons are all over the place, usually in the same area as the fold/call/bet buttons. This could cause problems.


i see. acutually i think it would help a lot to at least have the sitout next bb and the sitout next hand button. usually if u sitout u quit ur session or u have to pause it very suddenly. if u wanna sit back in it's no problem to push sitin at every table.

would be great to see this feature in near future Smile


sit out next hand??



``Sit out next hand all``, ``close all tables`` are two very usefull hotkeys.. I use them while playing at Stars (using another program). Please be so kind to add them when/if its possible for you..

``Click AutoTime Bank for FT`` is a must also I guess for everyone from us who play there.. Thanks!!


any updates on that one? Confused
i play 6 sites and it would be really helpful to have this hotkey as it's really annoying to click sitout for every site as the door/phone goes...

pleaseee Smile
I will look into it Wink
did you already try? any progress? really looking forward to this feature Smile
'Sit Out all tables' hotkey added in v2.56


Hey there. I tried 'Sit Out all tables' on ipoker the other day, but does it actually work? I pressed the hotkey and it clicked 'fold to any bet' on the table. I don't want it to fold every hand and sit out or is that what it does?
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