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Using hotkey w/o tiling - louidge - 08-09-2019

Hi, I'm using two programs to tiles my tables. I'd like to use the hotkey feature of stack and tile w/o tiling on one of the site, is it possible ?

RE: Using hotkey w/o tiling - louidge - 08-09-2019

But I'm still using tiling option of stack and tile on other sites so I cannot remove it. All I wanna do is add the hotkey feature on a site im not using stack and tile to tile. Is it possible ? Thanks again

RE: Using hotkey w/o tiling - SaT_Admin - 08-10-2019

You'd need to Include the site into SaT if you want the hotkeys to work on there. Then what you can do is set up an "Ignore Table" hotkey, and use that hotkey on each of the tables from that site. The "Ignore Table" hotkey will remove the table from SaT's grid.

But is there a particular reason you don't want SaT to handle the tiling of this site as well? Maybe if you tell me your use-case, we can see if we can eliminate the other program