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chico timebank - Rubinstein - 09-04-2021

Is there a chico autotimebank in the works?

RE: chico timebank - SaT_Admin - 09-05-2021

There isnt currently. Does that site not have auto-timebank feature? Almost all poker sites have that already

RE: chico timebank - Rubinstein - 09-05-2021

If they do, I can't find it.  I found an old post from 1-2 years ago where you said you couldn't make it because you wouldn't be able to get it to work for tables under the top of the stack. I'm just tiling 5-6 tables now and this wouldn't apply to me. Also I think that it would be useful for people using big stacks of tables who would like the feature to engage on tables outside of their stack while they are making tough postflop decisions.

RE: chico timebank - SaT_Admin - 09-06-2021

Ah yes good point, i forgot about that. Chico network requires me to move the mouse in order to send clicks to the table. So even if I somehow found a solution to detect the timebank on that network, i wouldnt be able to send clicks to tables in the back of the stack