v 2.88

- added: iPokerNew support for TitanPokerUK,NetBet, skins
- fixed: FullTiltPoker update (bug)
- fixed: Winamax updates
- fixed: BovadaBodog bug when clicking Fold with mouse
- fixed: Fold hotkey will now Check for free on Bovada,Winning,Winamax (req, 2)
- fixed: Cycle Stack hotkey bugfixes (bug)
- added: random number display to the table count popup, see Extra Adv Options (req)
v 2.89

- added: BovadaBodog support for IgnitionCasino skin
- added: iPokerNew support for SisalPoker skin
- fixed: Party support for GiocoDigitale skin (req)
- changed: Fold hotkey will no longer click Check for Winning (bug)
v 2.90

- fixed: Bovada update
- fixed: PartyPokerModern updates
- added: new site Chico (see help page)
- added: iPokerNew support for Everest, skins
- fixed: iPokerNew speed tables (bug)
- fixed: 888 Increase/DecreaseBet hotkey (bug)
- fixed: Bet x BB hotkey for some Stars tournaments
- fixed: clicking Stars 'Info' tab
- fixed: make dragging tables more reliable
- added: news checker
v 2.91

- added: new site "HivePoker" for sites such as PlanetWin365 (req, 2)
- added: iPokerNew support for MansionPoker (req)
- added: better way to Test that things are working: Help->Show Testing Info
- fixed: Fold hotkeys will again Check for free on WinningPoker after small delay
- fixed: some Party tournaments weren't detected
- fixed: iPokerNew speed tables (bug)
- fixed: tables Kept in Grid should never move to other slots (bug)
- fixed: Adv Opt 'Move to Slot X, also KeepInGrid' was failing on gridtables (bug)
- fixed: reset Old Tables when program is Started
- fixed: pressing Enter key in betbox now moves the table in 'After Entering Pot' mode (req)
- changed: minor 888PgHmClassicQT change
- changed: 'Move Mouse to Active Table' won't move mouse if hovering over stack (req)
- changed: SaT now requires admin permissions to open
v 2.92

- removed: Unibet (why?)
- added: All-in hotkey
- added: WinningPokerJackpot site specifically for jackpot tables
- added: Adv Opt to only move mouse if mouse isn't over a table (req)
- added: Winamax support for 'Bet x BB' hotkey
- changed: detection of blind level
- changed: Extra Adv Option to allow manual moving of KeepInGrid tables
- fixed: move mouse fixes
- fixed: iPokerNew cash buyin popup was closing
- fixed: iPokerNew update for Winner,Mansion,WilliamHill,TitanBet,Bet365,Betfair
v 2.93

- fixed: PokerStars removed the Fold button when you can Check for Free
- fixed: iPokerNew update for Titan (upd)
- fixed: 'Bet x BB' hotkey for Winamax and 888QT and iPokerNew
- fixed: Also click Bet for 'Bet x BB' hotkey
- added: Adv Opt to also click Bet for Allin hotkey (req)
v 2.94
- added: new site "888Poker" for the new 888 client with no chatbox
- added: new site "MicrogamingFun" for the Fun View
- added: Adv. Opt. to accept WinningPoker waitlists
- changed: PartyPokerModern urgent detection
- fixed: 'Bet x BB' hotkey for Winamax,HivePoker
- fixed: iPokerNew update for Dafa,Everest,Betclic,Coral,IronPoker,Winner,Boyles
- fixed: iPokerNew checkbox locations
- fixed: HivePoker not detecting cash tables
- fixed: HivePoker Increase/Decrease bet hotkeys
- fixed: WinningPokerJackpot 'allin' hotkey
- fixed: WinningPokerJackpot new Special 0.69 tables
- fixed: WinningPokerJackpot Fold hotkey will Check for free
- fixed: ActivateTableUnderMouse was blocking Party note icons
- fixed: 'Re-fill Grid tables' hotkey was ignoring KeepInGrid setting
v 2.95
added: new site BodogIgnition (see help page for issues)
removed: BovadaBodog site
added: WinningPoker SNG 2.0 tables now also use the 'WinningPokerJackpot' site
added: hotkey to Move Mouse to Stack Slot
fixed: 888Poker update
fixed: iPokerNew updates
fixed: iPokerNew urgent detection at smaller slot sizes
fixed: iPokerNew support for PaddyPower,NetBet,bet365,Ladbrokes,
fixed: PartyPokerModern urgent detection
fixed: Winamax_Small pre-fold checkbox
fixed: Chico table titles
fixed: PokerStars betxbb bugfix
fixed: ActivateTableUnderMouse was blocking Stars emojis and iPoker menus
fixed: 'Cycle Stack' hotkeys (bug, 2)
changed: only Highlight poker tables, not other windows
v 2.96
fixed: PartyPoker update
added: new site GGNetwork (BestPoker, Natural8) (req)
                  see the help page for instructions on requesting support for your skin
added: Show Lobby hotkey (req)
removed: old 888/iPoker/UB sites
changed: smallest allowable slot size (bug)
fixed: PartyPokerModern allin hotkey now works on tournaments
fixed: iPokerNew support for CasinoBarcelona and SportiumPoker
fixed: Hotkeys "fire on release" bug
fixed: 888Poker on larger scaling values
fixed: 888Poker SNAP tables (bug)
fixed: Click Stars Info tab on smaller table sizes (bug)
fixed: Bodog jackpot SNG support (bug)
fixed: freeroll tournaments for Stars,Party,888 (bug)

- fixed: PartyPokerModern bugs (1, 2)