Merge tables popping up unnecessarily
(12-11-2019, 05:51 AM)pokerguy Wrote: 1. Merge tables show "Action Required = YES" only when action is required. They do not ever show it in incorrect situations.

I've payed closer attention to what happens and here is the sequence: (1) An Ignition table is at the top of the stack with a correct "Action Required = YES" (2) A Merge table pops to the top of the stack. It also has a correct "Action Required = YES" (3) After a second or so, the Merge table disappears and the previous Ignition table is back on top. (4) This Ignition table will now sometimes incorrectly read as "Action Required = NO". Sometimes if I move my mouse around, it may read it correctly again (5) After acting on this Ignition table, the next table in the queue will move to the top of the stack. Sometimes, this will be the previous Merge tables, but other times, it may be another Ignition table, which I assume happens, when that table is higher in the queue.

Thank you, that is all very valuable.

#3-4 should never happen. If the Ignition table is on top, then #3 should not happen with the Merge table coming on top of it. One reason might be if the Merge setting inside their poker client to "bring active table to front" doesn't work. You can test that without using SaT at all. Just put a Merge table behind another window, and wait for your turn, and see if it pops up or not.

If it does not pop up, then the Merge setting is working correctly. In that case, the likely problem is #4, that SaT is randomly thinking that Bodog does not require action, and so it would be a Bodog problem in SAT, not Merge. If you could do more testing, that would be very helpful. I'd like you to check two things: 1. is there any consistency as to WHEN the Ignition table randomly changes to "Action Required = NO", even though it is still your turn to act? One specific thing that comes to mind for me is, the cases when there is no Fold button, like when its checked around to you and you can Check for free. 2. Similarly, when you say that you "move your mouse around", and then the detection resets correctly to "Action Required = YES". Is there any consistency as far as WHERE you move your mouse? Like perhaps, over the fold/call/bet buttons? Does that cause it to reset and correctly change back?

Also, if you have skype, please leave your username. Thanks

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