Raise to "call amount * X" hotkey
(04-20-2020, 12:22 AM)dicem Wrote: Im not sure what's best TBH, it sounds like an impossible task without real time HH data.
Well what value were you looking to get in that example?

(04-20-2020, 12:22 AM)dicem Wrote: I'm only interested in using this feature for sites that don't already have software available to perform these tasks, because to be quite frank, stack and tile does not compare to those software choices in terms of reliability and speed.
Yeah obviously a dedicated software for one particular site can do more than a software that is designed to work across all sites simultaneously. Tradeoffs in each direction.

(04-20-2020, 12:22 AM)dicem Wrote: I play MTT's across 9 sites and when running multiple sites at the same time, any hotkeys I use in SaT can take up to 3 seconds to perform the intended action. This can be a problem when trying to fold for example, because if I click fold on 1 table then move my mouse to another, it often folds the wrong table since the action is so delayed. With this in mind I try to use other means for hotkeys where possible.
3 second delay for a simply Fold hotkey is extreme, and I agree that that is certainly frustrating for you. But that seems way extreme and abnormal, and so I'd like to try to eliminate that if possible. I have no idea why that's taking so long for you. I've had players play up to 40 tables (although on one site only) without those types of issues.

The Fold hotkey in particular does a few different lookups, in order to determine if you can Check for free, and if so, it will try to Check. This slows it down somewhat, but it certainly shouldn't be 3 seconds. Do you have any other information that might help?

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