Auto Info tab opener

I'd like to suggest an auto info tab opener. When I play many tables I like to see how many players are remaining in the tourney so I try to turn on Info tab for all the tables. It would be an awesome addition if this could be automated. 

Thank you for your great product.
This should be doable. What site?
I'm playing on Pokerstars only atm. Playing around 20 tables that's why I'm interested in this addition. It would be cool if it worked on .fr as I'm planing on playing there in some time. Don't know about the other sites. I know on Full Tilt you have a pop-up info tab, so this automation wouldn't be necessary for Full Tilt. Really don't know about the other sites.
But I would love the addition on PS. It would really help me and make the game flow smoother.
Ok I will look into it
Download this test build:

Go to Advanced options then the Sites tab, and look for the new checkbox at the bottom. Test and let me know if it works
Cool, it works!  Heart Thank you!
Ok great. I'll add this to the next major release then
I used this version in yesterdays session and noticed some problems.
Ok, the cool part is that as the tournaments start, the Info tab is on.
But when I want to take a note or use chat like 50% of the time SaT will click on Info tab as I've just clicked on player's notes or chat. Then I click on players notes or chat again and usually it stays open.
It would be wonderful if SaT just clicked on Info tab as the tournament starts, but after that I could easily use chat or some other tab and when I've finished just click back Info tab myself.
What SaT actually does is click on the Info tab whenever the table gets focus. So, when action is required for example, SaT focuses the table and pops it up. Then SaT clicks the Info tab. After that, you should be free to click away to Chat or Notes. If you click away to another window/table and focus that, and then click back, the Info tab will be clicked again.

Maybe what you're noticing is, you are trying to click on Chat or Notes on a table that is NOT currently focused. In that case, what you describe would happen. Because, clicking on Chat or Notes on a table that is not currently focused means that you are causing that table to now have focus. On that initial focus of the table, SaT clicks the Info tab.
added in v2.86

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