Ipoker Inactivity

if you don't have any games running on the new ipoker client there appears a pop-up telling you about inactivity. This popup you have to click "Continue Session". I will try to upload a screen later on.

Possible to auto-push "Continue" as this popup for me most of the time hides behind tables etc and then suddenly ipoker client closes

[Image: YNiBLle.png]

Edit: Here is the screenshot, also there is a 30 second timer
Hrm I've never seen this. How long does it take before this popup appears? I will look into it. I agree its a good idea and it should be handled.

However, from looking at the screenshot, it seems that there is no text in the titlebar of the popup window. This will make it very difficult for me to detect the popup. I can't just close all popups because another popup may be important for you to read.

You said that the problem is that this popup hides behind tables. Would it work if I just brought this popup always on top instead? Then you'll always see it and click it away
does not take too long. might be after 5 minutes... def under 10min

well don't know if only putting it on top is like the ideal solution but it is a start. still as most of us play two monitors if you have action on the one monitor it is easy to overlook that popup, especially coz you need to act within 30 secs

however I do understand the problem with no title in the popup... don't have any further ideas how to solve it myself :/
When you get the popup, can you use the menu item within SaT for "Help -> Diagnostic -> Get Window Title/Class" and paste me the results for the popup?
I can't seem to trigger that popup to appear
Funny thing, popup does not appear for me as well right now. But this morning I had it during the session. Will ovserve it and let you know...
[Image: ZV32BNc.png]

got it!
Yea thats gonna be a problem, because thats the same information as the main lobby I believe

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