I was wondering if there's anyway to put BB in big numbers on top of the table, like Ninja does, other wise I absolutely love your product, that would put it over the top. Thanks
Can you post a screenshot of an example?
I tried but can't figure it out. Go to Table Ninja 2 and watch the video, and thank you for the reply.
[Image: table-ninja-2.png]
Oh you want to display your stack size in BBs. There are only two ways to do this: either by scanning the table for the stack size, or by reading the hand history. Since SaT has to work across all sites, its very difficult to accomplish this. The easier way would be to read the hand history, but then mid-hand the BB number would be incorrect. And reading HHs for every site is also a pain. So its probably unlikely this gets added, unfortunately
Ok, Thank you

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