Handle cash buyin window on WPN
WPN has an option to automatically buyin to a cash table with a preselected amount when you click on a seat, bypassing the buyin window. However, when returning to a table before the rathole timer has expired, if you left with an amount greater than the maximum buyin, you are forced to go through the buyin window and accept that you are buying in for more than the normal maximum. Could you add a feature so SaT could handle this click? It's only one extra click I believe.
Yeah one extra click is not hard to add. However, we need to make sure that click is correct, and in the right spot, and clicking the right window. There are a bunch of edge cases to check for to make sure things are correct before sending the click. One of the worst things is sending an inappropriate click and sending a misclick on a table.

People have requested SAT handle certain popups before. Usually it comes down to the difficulty of matching the popup window itself, and then matching the text within the popup, and then matching the button that needs to be clicked. I just opened up WPN and triggered this popup. It looked like when you get the rebuy rathole warning, there is some yellow text at the bottom. The problem is, their software doesn't allow me to read any of that text natively. I think it would be a bit of work to add this. I'd probably want to create a generalized "popup clicker" that could work for any popup. But that isn't in the immediate plans unfortunately

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