Have the ability to tell SaT where to locate tables in their slots
Could you make it possible so that Stack and Tile is compatible with the popular Hiroku seat script?

I just saw this post saying compatibility is very possible as long as we are given the option to tell SaT where to locate the tables in their slots.
Perhaps this is already possible?

Would be absolutely perfect and seal the deal for me  Tongue
With Hiroku turned off, if you press Start in SaT, and SaT grabs the observing tables and puts them in SaT's grid, then SaT will have control. For PokerStars specifically, you can click the advanced option to "Include 'Logged in as' in the titlebar", which will exclude observing tables on that site. But for other sites that wouldn't work.

Probably the best workaround is to use SaT's "Ignore Table" hotkey for each table as they are opened up. Then SaT will relinquish control of that table until you toggle off the "Ignore Table" hotkey again. If your seating script requires the tables to be at an exact location to scan for seats, you can configure where SaT moves the tables after pressing the Ignore hotkey by adding two lines to your SaT layout file. You can find the settings on this page:


Then when the script gets you a seat, you can simply toggle of the "Ignore Table" hotkey, and the table should be picked up by SaT and moved to the New Tables slot.

I've cross posted this answer in that 2p2 thread. Thanks

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