Winamax resizing issues

I play on 4 different sites and used winamax as the initial one (when pressing F7).
Unfortunately It gets very laggy when I play on many sites and table since SaT is trying to resise the winamax table again and again ingame.
Even the following workaround didnt helped:

  1. SaT needs to Resize the tables to fit the grid size, but Winamax tables do not respond to normal resize commands. Instead, SaT has to resort to clicking and dragging the border, which isn't the most reliable. If you run into problems with SaT resizing the tables, here is the recommended solution: When you start your session, only open up ONE Winamax table and allow SaT resize it. Then, CLOSE the table. When you close the table, the Winamax software will 'remember' that table size and open up all new tables the same size by default, so that SaT will not need to resize them, since the Winamax client will do it.
So when I start my session I open one winamax table and let SaT resize it. Then I close the table and open it up again with other tables. It works fine for a while but then the problem occurs again.

I cant play like this. It needs to be fixed asap.


I found this thread. It is the exact same problem I have but the solution doesnt work for me!
Well, the problem is that Winamax doesn't use normal proportions for its tables. You can verify this yourself. Without SaT running, try to resize a Winamax table to the same size as a table from another site. You won't be able to do it. So SaT has to try to accomodate to the Winamax sizes.

You can try this version v2.98.03d:

You will first need to Remove and then re-Include the Winamax site.

In this version, SaT will force the Winamax tables to match the sizes from other sites. This might have unexpected results. But you can try it. Please let me know the results.
Sry for the delay. This version fixes the problem! Thank you very much!
Ok keep me updated if you notice anything failing
Is there a similar "d-version" for the current SAT version?

Otherwise I have the same issues again. TY
(07-30-2019, 03:14 AM)question1234 Wrote: Is there a similar "d-version" for the current SAT version?

Otherwise I have the same issues again. TY

Sorry, usually I merge all of the development letter versions into the next main version. So 2.98.03d would usually be merged into 2.98.04. However, I never merged this one, I'm not sure why, maybe because I didn't hear back from you with the results in time, or maybe because I just overlooked it.

Please try this version v2.98.05h and let me know if it works:

If so, I will make sure it goes into the next v2.98.06 release
Great ty. I will try it.

Yes I guess it took me too long to answer. I will let you know within the next days this time.
No I'm not saying for sure, I just don't remember because it was a while ago. Either way it was my fault for letting it slip by
v2.98.05h worked for me.

Are the changes merged in the latest official version already?

Yes they are. I just checked the Changelog.
Thank you very much!

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