connection issues
I've been having connection issues lately with SnT

[Image: 6b6f6ab1dc68fd7885f96cf54a0eb4e3.png]

Is there an issue with the server or something? my connection is ethernet and running smoothly btw.

[Image: f956dd8cff2a79f451f138d41170ff9c.png]
To clarify, I can connect but it hangs there for a bit when I open the program, also when i click Start I often get an error related to my license not being verified and reverting to free which I assume its also a connection problem.
Yeah whenever that popup appears, SaT is connecting to its website to check your license or check for a new version.

If you can get to the SaT website through your web browser then the site should be up. Some people have had connection problems based on antiviruses, or based VPNs or browser extensions. Have you changed anything like that recently?
nope, nothing new, I dont use VPN and its not my antivirus and I haven't installed a new extension, it could be an extension update? does it use the default browser to connect or something? should I try disabling extensions?
It uses the default Internet Explorer programming interface. Not sure what could be the problem. Are you still seeing the issue regularly?

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