Problem with not started spin and go
Hello. Can your program help with pop-up spin and go when I play in the stack? Sometimes miss click happen. I make a decision on one table and another table comes out.
What sites do you have the problem with?

I suggest you run this Test and check the results to make sure that SaT is correctly detecting when action is required:

Let me know
PokerStars without use Stack and tile
Yes SaT can probably help with that. You would turn off the setting within PokerStars to "pop up table when action required" and then you would let SaT do that job.

Let me know if you try it
I also dont use "pop up table when action required", because is more comfortable fo me. I think we did not understand each other.

New table overlaps another table after rotating jackpot (one time). This is a common problem. There is one famous player in our community - FREEQ7Z. And he sometimes push any 2 on button in 25bb stack. And so far he has not solved this problem.
Ohhhh so after the jackpot spins, then PokerStars focuses the table? Can you take a video of what happens? I can only use play money on Stars
Ok, i'm try make this tomorrow. it's night now.
This is not often. Only button position terrible. But if you play 5 or 10 tables you will feel huge discomfort.

New tables steal focus. You dont want make decision on the new table before the previous table is resolved.
It says the video is unavailable

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