Hotkey malfunction on PS
Hello, I've got a problem with "increase bet" hotkey (and decrease aswell) on PokerStars, while having "show stack values in big blind" option turned on. In that mode, when I'm using my hotkey for increase bet (also forgot to mention - in PS client I have the "increase bet by small blind" option turned on), the bet slider moves to the maximum right (as I would like to go all-in or just move the bet slider to it's maximum right).

This only happens with that "stack in BB's" mode on and only on PokerStars - for example I am using the BigBlinds mode on Winamax and Party Poker aswell and there's no problem with the correct use of "increase/decrease bet" hotkeys.

I have an assumption, that it might be caused by PS client, cause that "show stack in BB's" does not work as perfect as it should - after you invest all your chips in the pot, it automatically changes to chips view and you have to click on your stacksize, to revert it to the BB's view.

Please let me know if you need any additional information on that (aswell as screenshots, logs, etc) and thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
SaT does not support the "Show stacks in BBs" option in general. But normally its fine and won't affect anything, unless you try to use these IncreaseBet hotkeys that you are talking about, or also the "Bet x BB" hotkeys.

It works on Party and Winamax because on Party, SaT simply clicks the +/- buttons on the table in order to trigger the increase/decrease bet function, and on Winamax, SaT simply sends a WheelUp mouse event. However, on PokerStars, SaT tries to read the blind size from the table table, and then reads the bet amount in the betbox, and tries to calculate the increase and then send it to the betbox.

I'm not sure what I can do. Stars doesn't have the +/- buttons on their table. Perhaps I can add in an option for SaT to send a WheelUp/Down if the user chooses, instead of doing the manual calculations..
(10-01-2019, 04:25 AM)SaT_Admin Wrote: Perhaps I can add in an option for SaT to send a WheelUp/Down if the user chooses, instead of doing the manual calculations..

In the latest version 2.98.08 there is a new extra advanced option that you can add to your config file to fix this problem

Click File->Current Layout, and add this line underneath [settings]


Save the file, then close and re-open SaT and let me know if it works
Yup, it works just perfect. Thank you very much.

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