GGPoker Update
Thanks. What country do you play GGNetwork from?
same issue with GG from thai
Ok so GGPoker was giving me an error message saying "Connection unstable", but it finally worked when I tried to connect from Switzerland. Unfortunately, I didn't see any play money tables. So I will need someone to volunteer to do a player transfer and I can give them their next month free of SaT. If you are willing, please email me at support(at)stackandtile(dot)com

For now, I've just changed the new table_class and added the new GGpoker lobby. I don't know if it will work or not, so I will need you guys to test it and let me know. Download this new version 2.98.07m: see next post below

Remove and re-Include the site and let me know if everything works
doesnt work for me (detects table but doesnt hit the buttons correctly.

email sent ty
Ok the user was gracious enough to send me some funds on GGPoker, and so I've created a new profile for their new software

Please download this new version 2.98.07n:

Then Remove "GGNetwork" from your included sites, and Include the new site "GGNetworkNew"

Right now, the ONLY skin that this will work on is GGPoker. If you play on other skins, please use the SaT menu item for Help->Diagnostic->Get window title, and paste me the results for the MAIN LOBBY

Let me know if it works, and if you notice any problems
it works , thanks!
Sorry seeing the responses so late. But it works, many thanks

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