Accidental spazz calls
Yesterday someone randomly jammed into a 5 bb pot and I clicked my bet hotkey on accident and the program snapped it it off. My fault fully but my question is; does SaT just use the button location or does it detect the actual button?  When the bet button is removed the call button is in the same spot. WPN by the way.
SaT just uses the button location. So in fact, the Fold/Call/Bet hotkeys in SaT really just correspond to the first,second,third buttons.

I will give you some examples from the OLD client from WinningPoker. In this screenshot, you can see that there are only two buttons visible Fold and Allin. These are in fact the first two buttons, and so they would correlate to SaT's Fold and Call hotkeys:

In this next screenshot, again there are only two buttons visible, this time Check and Allin, and they are the second and third buttons on the table, so they would correspond to SaT's Call and Bet hotkeys respectively:

It sounds like you're seeing a case where WinningPoker is showing the first and the third buttons, and the second button is missing. Can you take a screenshot next time this happens? Does WPN always show that when facing an all-in? And can you verify if it changes depending on whether or not you cover the other player, or whether you are last to act? There may be a few different scenarios, where they show different buttons (such as first/second, or first/third, or second/third).

I'm not sure if SaT should be inspecting to see exactly what buttons are visible, and then modifying its hotkeys. Maybe it should. Maybe it shouldn't. Right now, it just clicks the button location coordinate. I guess another alternative I could display a prompt asking the user "Are you sure?" if I detect some buttons are missing

Pretty sure it's different than yours. This may be only in Blitz but when faced with with all in or fold. All in is on the far right.
Yeah my screenshots were from years ago, I was just giving you some examples to explain how it works.

Yes, in your image, the "Bet" hotkey would click the Allin button, and the "Call" hotkey would end up clicking the empty space where the 2nd button would normally be.
When they jam and you have them covered.
Right, so in this new screenshot, SaT's "Call" hotkey would click that Allin button, and the "Bet" hotkey would click the empty space where the 3rd button would be

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