SaT 2.99 does not recognize Winamax tables
Hi, after updating SaT to the newest version I'm having this problem of not recognizing Winamax tables by SaT. It stopped finding Winamax tables in my existing layouts, it also doesn't work when I try to remove and add Winamax site again to a layout, or create a brand new layout. Here's a screenshot of a dialog box from SaT:

I've tried different scan modes, as you can see I am using dark table theme and I am having all the options recommended for Winamax in "supported sites" thread from SaT help center. Obviously I can provide my layout .ini file if necessary. Forgot to mention - downgrading SaT to 2.98 version solves the problem.
Thank you very much for all of the information. In 2.99.00 i changed SaT to look for the lobby of winamax, because the new ggnetwork client uses similar software.

Can you use the SaT menu item for Help->Diagnostic->Get Window Title, and paste me the result for your main winamax lobby window?
Here you go:


Btw this diagnostic tool recognizes Winamax tables correctly, forgot to mention that in my first post.
Thanks. I realize what's going on now. On Winamax, the tournament lobbies are built-into the main lobby. And so SaT is just looking for the word "Lobby" as in your pasted diagnostic, which means all tables should work if you make sure that you click back to the main lobby tab within the Winamax lobby window:

The problem looks like that when you open or click over to a tournament lobby, it changes the titlebar text of the whole lobby window. When SaT is running, if it sees the word "Lobby" once it should remember it until the program is closed. When you re-open SaT new again it will reset and look for the title "Lobby" again.

I will try to fix this in the next version. But please try that and let me know if that fixes it for you for now
Yup, I can confirm that the lobby tab "trick" helps. But I'm obviously looking forward to the next version.

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