Winning Poker ACR Tables stay in Stack
Tables are not going to Grid when Action Requires. They stay in the stacked Tables Slot. All the Game Options like "AutoSwitch between Tables" are off.
What to do?
What version of Windows are you on? And how many monitors?

This is a common problem, use the solutions on this page and let me know what works:
I use Windows 10, one Monitor and the Screen of my Laptop. I have my grid on the monitor and the Stack Slot on the Screen from the Laptop.
In the testing Info when the Table is on the Monitor and its my turn to Act it says "Action requires" YES. When the Table is in the Stack Slot on the Laptop it says NO. All other Sites i play are working fine with this configuration.
If the Testing Info says "NO", but it really is your turn to act, then that is the problem.

Can you right click on your desktop, and choose Display Settings, and then click on both of your screens and tell me what Scaling % you use for each of them?

Then after that, close out WinningPoker completely, and do solution #1 on this page:

Then re-open WinningPoker, and Remove and re-Include the site within SAT, and then test again to check and see if the Action Required stuff is fixed?
On both Screens the Scaling is 100%. I have done the Solution #1, closed and re-opened the Poker Client and removed and re-included the Site in SaT. Unfortunately nothing has changed.
If you want to leave your Skype name, I will contact you and we can organize a TeamViewer session and I can take a look on your machine
I have the same issue. Skype is jas........ please delete this post after adding me
The problem seems to be happening for users who have multiple monitors... everything works on the monitor that you Include the site on. But if you had Included the site on a different monitor, then WPN uses slightly different graphics on each screen. I'm looking into fixes
has it been fixed? I also have the same issue. Removed and tried to manually add it again but still not working.
(02-16-2020, 10:24 AM)martom Wrote: has it been fixed? I also have the same issue. Removed and tried to manually add it again but still not working.

Make sure you choose PW scan mode in Advanced Options, then try to Re-Include

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