Can you please add Alarm when action required. For example like UPTO did. For example Fold Button Appear in 5 second Bring table on Top, in 10 Second Flash , 15 Second Frame , 20 Second Sound Alarm..... Very useful feature, help not to throw off, any Hands (specially when run to the toilet or doing tee Shy )
Interesting. This may be possible.

However, consider the implications... suppose a table requires action, SAT pops it up.. and then other tables also require action in different slots. You click away to those other tables because they are easy decisions and start acting on those other tables. But now, your 5s or 10s trigger may happen on the original table, and that table might steal focus while you are in the middle of acting on the other tables. What then?

Can you give more information about how you would use it? What do you mean that it would "help not to throw off any hands"? If you go to the toilet, the table should still be brought to the top by SAT until you get sat out. And what's "doing tee"?
It not stealing focus, only way it can steal focus it is when you play Stack Table Mode, with stack and tile mode it is not a problem.

For example
1) I play stack table Mode, have some difficult decision on Grid table 1 concentrate on it and did not see that on another table on different Grid on Grid 12 I dealt AA, but all my attention on table grid 1 and I could fold AA when time passe, but Alarm with sound go and I see table grid 12 with red fat Frame and that I need to act fast to not fold AA, I fast raise AA and than look at table grid 1.
2) I run to the toilet, I think that I have 30 second to do my stuff, but SOUND Alarm go on, and I realize that I could not make it, I need to react fast on the table or I would fold my Hand, and I run back deal with a table , deal with hand and than run to the toilet for the second time , maybe now I would be able to do my stuff before alarm go on. Big Grin

Doing tee is doing tea ))

I was thinking the alarm would only be for the Most Urgent Table. So what that means is, in example #1, first the table with AA would have to pop up first in grid 12, and then you would have to click away to grid 1, and while acting on grid 1, then grid 12 with AA would have the alarm.

Or are you saying the alarm should be for All tables that require action? In that case, suppose 3 tables require action and all 3 tables are in grid slots, and all are big decisions, and you are thinking. You want the alarm and frame to appear for all 3 tables?

And stealing focus just means that another tables becomes active/focused while you are acting on a different table. So yes, you are right, normally this is only an issue in stacked mode. However, it can also be an issue with tiled grid slots: If you are typing in a bet amount on one table, and then the original table alarm goes off and that table gets focus again, then the bet you are typing will start going to the first table. Now, typing a bet doesn't seem like a big deal. But there is another case: some players have their tiled slots overlapping each other. So they could be about to click on one table, but the original alarm goes off and that table pops up, and then the click goes to the original table.

If the alarm is just a 'sound' and a 'frame', then there would be no focus stealing, and we wouldn't have to deal with this. However, the UPTO screenshot also has a 'bring to top' option, which could potentially mean focus stealing.

I'm unsure if 'flash' would steal focus or not. I'd have to test it.
Alarm for all tables that are waiting for example longer than 20 seconds. If it is only 1 table waiting longer than 20 second he alarm and sound if it is 5 tables are waiting longer than 20 seconds they all alarm and do sound. It is how in UPTO, but with 1 most urgent table alarm also good, or 2, because if I focus on 1 table with hard Hand and he go alarm and second table with AA also waiting long and about to fold AA , I would not see it because Alarm on table 1 with Hard hand already on.

  I checked it, yes it is stealing focus , so it is hard to type bet, but I almost newer type bet, I have hotkeys on 888caption or starshelper..... and when I bet call raise the action always go on tables where the mouse now . Yes overlapping could be a case, but I do not overlap and UPTO for example bring to top have like an Option so you can choose bring to top or just alarm sound, or just frame or all options could be checked or you can check 1 (for example just sound , or just frame , or just flash or frame and sound and do not use option bring to top). For me sound and frame most useful for example.
Ok let me think about this and see if I can do it

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