Random action delay

please Add function Random action delay. I think it is a nice function to have. For example like here
Can you explain more what it means? The screenshot shows a few different options
For example:
Villain bet --- Hero press Hotkey Call --- Stack and Tile Randomize Heroes Call and Press call not when Hero press Call Hotkey but do it with a random delay (3 - 6 second for example, chose this time 3 second, next time press hotkey call in 5 second, next in 6 second....). With this random delay, nobody would be able to write time tells notes on Hero.
Yes this is possible. But I'll have to do some testing to see how it can work, because while we are delaying the 3-6 seconds after pressing the Call hotkey, I need to make sure other SAT functions continue to work, and not have the whole program stall for 3-6 seconds
I guess you would only want to randomize delay when using the Call or Bet hotkey, right? Like in the screenshot, there is no need to delay when Folding I don't think. And also not for other hotkeys like sending bet amounts to the betbox
Yes only for Check, CALL, BET, RAISE. If it is going to be helpful, you can look how it is work in TimeMojo (old software I was using it like 3 years ago on stars), or Tamer.
One other potential problem... SAT doesn't detect the timebank, so what if you have like 1 second left in your timebank, you press the hotkey, then this 3-6s delay will mean that you won't act in time..
Sat don't need to detect timebank. For example: Villian bet --- Hero turn to act, hero have 6 seconds (depend on the room) to act before time bank even begin. So if action delay 3 - 6-second hero is going to call Raise or Fold beforehand could be folded because of time. Sat needs to detect when hero action begins, if hero press call after 6 seconds sat would need to press call immediately because random action delay 3-6 second and hero already waited 6 seconds. Or for example, hero press call after 2 seconds sat would need to press call if the random delay is 4 seconds (2 + 2) after a 2-second delay.
Keeping track of when hero action begins is good solution and I already do that. That would work.

The one problem I see, is that every room is different, and I won't know how long each room gives you before you get auto folded. You used 6 seconds in the example, but that will be different on different sites. Some sites will give you maybe 15 seconds, and then another 20 second timebank. Other sites may have no timebank at all. Etc. What should I do?

Maybe I can generalize it to 15 seconds, or allow the user to configure it
Of course, you should let users choose the delay they think is optimal. Like here for example.

And not only because each room has its own rules, but also because each user has his own ideas about the optimal random action delay. Someone  wants 2 - 5 seconds delay, someone 3 - 6, and someone wants that he had 5 - 10 seconds delay.

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