Random action delay
(07-26-2020, 07:03 AM)Fascinator Wrote: Of course, you should let users choose the delay they think is optimal. Like here for example.

And not only because each room has its own rules, but also because each user has his own ideas about the optimal random action delay. Someone  wants 2 - 5 seconds delay, someone 3 - 6, and someone wants that he had 5 - 10 seconds delay.

Yes of course let the user choose that.

But that's not what I meant. I meant let the user choose the "total time" before the delay is ignored. So if someone chooses 3-6s randomization, SAT needs to start counting from when hero action begins. Suppose the user chooses "10s total", then if the users presses the hotkey after 7 seconds of waiting for action required, then the random delay is ignored, and the action is sent immediately.

Because, SAT will not know when the timebank is active or not, and different sites allow different amount of time before auto-folding you and sitting you out. One site might allow 10s, another site might allow 15s, etc etc. It will have to be up to the user to choose

Or maybe I misunderstood you here:

(07-25-2020, 12:42 PM)Fascinator Wrote: So if action delay 3 - 6-second hero is going to call Raise or Fold beforehand could be folded because of time. Sat needs to detect when hero action begins, if hero press call after 6 seconds sat would need to press call immediately because random action delay 3-6 second and hero already waited 6 seconds. Or for example, hero press call after 2 seconds sat would need to press call if the random delay is 4 seconds (2 + 2) after a 2-second delay.

You are saying the random time should be from the start of when hero action begins?

Or the random time should be from when the user presses the hotkey?

I was thinking the second one, when the user presses the hotkey, then delay for a random 3-6s more, after they press the hotkey
OF Course! the random time should be from the start of when hero action begins!

If done differently, there will be a lot of folded hands. For example:
A tough decision on table 1, all the attention on it then you look at table 2 with two aces, Villian Raise before Hero --- there is no timank left, there are only 2 seconds left. You press a raise and there are two options:
1 (the random time should be from the start of when hero action begins)
and then the hand raised immediately (3-6 seconds SAT delay and action begins like 15 seconds ago)

2. (random time should be from when the user presses the hotkey) and then after 2 seconds AA goes to Fold. (3-6 seconds SAT delay, we have 2 seconds left to act before Hand is folded --- SAT take Random time action 4 seconds)
Yeah ok I think your idea is better. I'll try to work on it and post and update
Excellent - Thx!

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