- changed: Cake2Lock renamed to Revolution
- changed: TruePoker renamed to WinningPoker
- fixed: WinningPoker support
- fixed: PokerStars support
- added: bwin support, use built-in Party settings

- added: Stack Only mode
- added: Tile Only mode
- added: Drag and Drop to swap tables between slots (1, 2)
- changed: Tile Setting renamed to Move To Grid Setting

- added: Keep stack tables aligned in the slot
- added: Move Mouse to Active Table option
- changed: Old tables specific slot# will no longer allow normal grid tables
- changed: End of Hand detection will ignore Old Tables
- changed: many sites do not need basic-click
- fixed: tables were immediately repopping to grid with Stack Table hotkey

- changed: tables moving from stack to grid now start at (stack slot# + 1) instead of slot1
- fixed: Party support, exclude rebuy popup window (bug)
- fixed: PokerStars support, clicking 'Check or Fold' popup
- changed: Visualize Grid slots will snap to edges when dragging
- changed: disallow dragging into a specific Old Tables Slot (bug)
- changed: Old Tables movement to specific slot will ignore grid tables
- fixed: Old Tables to specific slot from stack now works again
- fixed: Old Tables movement should ignore Keep In Grid tables
- removed: Keep Stack Aligned setting
- added: Active border highlighter settings for size/color (req)
- changed: Method of mouse move to improve reliability

- fixed: bug, tables moving from stack to grid should start at slot1

- fixed: Party excluding Rebuy popup
- fixed: Winning Poker settings
- fixed: iPoker replayer now excluded (bug)
- changed: allow tables in New Tables slot to be dropped into grid
- added: extra adv options to change mouse move location (req)

- added: Increase/Decrease bet hotkey! (1, 2)
- fixed: Merge fold+stack hotkey was broken if playing on Party too
- fixed: Winning Poker support

- fixed: iPoker bet hotkey was broken, now uses basic click again
(the new Widget Bar must remain closed)
- fixed: WinningPoker always updating was breaking SaT.. hopefully this is fixed now!
- fixed: PartyPoker settings now support Belgium
- fixed: FullTilt waitlist popup and Rush lobby was falsely detected as a Bodog table (bug)
- fixed: PokerStarsNova tournament problems and Nova Gray theme problems
- added: timer on table count popup (request)
- added: advanced option to still allow action hotkeys on Ignored Tables (request)
- added: advanced option to Activate table under mouse (request)

- fixed: bug when using Fold+Stack, Fold, or Call hotkey on new Ignored Tables feature
- added: hotkeys on ignored tables will now work if you resize the table
- added: option to turn off the session timer in the popup
- fixed: iPoker button coordinates
- fixed: hotkeys fire on release was triggering multiple presses when key held down
- fixed: Full Tilt table detection
v 2.3.00

- added: bet size hotkeys (see help page)
- added: hotkey to move mouse to next slot (req)
- added: Winamax.FR site
- fixed: WinningPoker updates
- fixed: problems when using both FullTilt and Bodog at same time
- fixed: Increase/Decrease bet hotkey bugs on Merge tournaments
- fixed: more bugs with hotkeys on ignored tables
- removed: EverestPoker (its now a skin of iPoker)
v 2.3.01

- added: support for FTP .eu
- fixed: Increase/Decrease bet hotkey was too fast for Merge
v 2.3.02

- added: support for
- fixed: Winamax Lobby getting detected as table if you haven't logged in yet