v 2.68
- fixed: WinningPoker update
- fixed: Keep In Grid hotkey bug when used on stack tables (bug)
- added: Advanced Option to also Keep in Grid when using Move To Slot X hotkey (req)
- added: Extra Adv Opt to move new tables to stack if grid is full (req)
- added: Extra Adv Opt to allow the delay for the ClickBetForBetsizeHotkeys to be configurable (req)
v 2.69
- changed: some redesigns on the main window: Layout and Hotkey tabs
- fixed: some sites (Winamax, Stars, iPoker) hide the fold checkbox and show a check/fold checkbox instead, SaT wasn't clicking those, now it does (req, 2)
- fixed: bug, Old Tables weren't retrying to move to grid if grid was full
- fixed: bug, New Tables weren't retrying to move to grid if grid was full (url)
- fixed: SaT wasn't clicking the 'check or fold' popup in PokerStars7 (bug)
- fixed: PokerStarsMercuy bug
- fixed: iPoker fixes (re-Include site)
- fixed: 888 freeroll tournaments weren't detected in Small Stakes version (bug)
- added: Increase/Decrease Bet hotkeys now work on BovadaBodog (req)
but the sb/bb/halfsb will have no effect on this bovada
- added: experimental Cycle Stack hotkeys (req)

If you are experiencing any problems in this new version, please remove and re-Include the problem sites first, and re-test before posting.
v 2.70
- fixed: WinningPoker update, hopefully SaT won't need to be updated as frequently anymore (bug)
- changed: iPoker now REQUIRES the widget bar to be hidden if your skin has this (reference)
v 2.71
- fixed: Call hotkey was clicking the "Call Any" pre-action checkbox on Stars, it no longer does this
- added: SaT now detects the popup "Are you sure you want to fold? You can check for free." on iPoker and 888PacificPoker (bug)
- added: Hotkey to 'Bet X bb'
- added: Hotkey to 'Sit out next bb' on all tables (req)
v 2.72
- changed: SaT now uses the lobby to detect Stars tables
- fixed: iPoker waitlist join table popups were incorrectly detected as the 'check for free' (bug)
v 2.73
- changed: Stars sites will not use the lobby to detect tables. This reverts the change from previous version (1, 2)
- changed: slightly increase delays for BetXbb hotkeys to increase reliability (ref)
- fixed: PokerStarsBlack fixes (ref)
- fixed: some custom site settings weren't being read
- fixed: on Merge, Fold hotkey was previously clicking the Fold checkbox instead of Check/Fold
- added: new Scan Mode "GDIP"
- added: Diagnostic Help menu, replaces the secret hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+T
v 2.74
- added: support for (req, 2)
- added: hotkey to 'Move mouse to previous slot' (req)
- added: hotkey to 'Activate previous slot'
- added: custom sites can now specify "[in|de]creasebet_[x|y]_coord"s (req)
- fixed: FTP Rush Poker quickfold button wasn't being clicked by Fold hotkey (bug)
- fixed: Stars "Hot" satellite tournaments now work on Small Stakes version (bug)
- changed: 'Fold' hotkeys will not click the "Check/Fold" checkbox by default. This reverts the change that was added in v2.69. Its now an Advanced Option. See here for details. (bug)
v 2.75
- added: Adv Opt to also click stack table for BetSizeX hotkeys (req)
- added: hotkey for 'Activate most urgent table and Move mouse'
- added: take screenshot diagnostic
- fixed: BetXbb hotkey failed if more than two sites were running (bug, 2)
- fixed: tables would sometimes pop back into grid on Cards/Flop mode (bug, 2)
- fixed: 888 tournaments don't allow betsizes with decimals, so BetXbb now
rounds the amount (bug)
- fixed: on FTP Rush tables, the 'Call' hotkey was clicking QuickFold (bug)
- fixed: hotkey fixes for FTP's new Adrenaline Rush tables (bug)
- changed: added delay during clicking border to force table redraw (bug)
v 2.76

- changed: Small Stakes licenses now work on tournaments up to $22 (req)
- fixed: Stars.FR euro tournaments weren't detected by Small Stakes version (bug)
- fixed: betXbb hotkey was failing on WinningPoker tournaments because no decimals allowed (bug)
- fixed: WinningPoker tables not moving to grid (bug)
- fixed: Fold hotkey will now click Check on WinningPoker
- fixed: if no fold_checkbox coords, fall back to fold_button coords (req)
- added: ability to pass a layout config file as cmd line parameter
v 2.77
- fixed: WinningPoker Fold hotkeys were clicking Call. reverted the change from 2.76 (bug)
- added: "Sit out Next BB" on current table hotkey (req)
- added: alternatives for the F7/F9/F10 keys used during setup (help link)