v 2.99.01
- fixed: Fold hotkey wasn't Checking for free on 888PokerNew,Winamax,Chico
- fixed: Chico tournaments on break werent detected
- fixed: betPot hotkeys for tournaments
- fixed: Increase/DecreaseBet hotkeys for 888PacificPokerQT
- fixed: Replayer hotkey for Chico,PartyModern,Microgaming
- fixed: Sitout hotkey for Revolution
- changed: Chico tables are now matched based on lobby
- changed: Winamax is not matched based on lobby (bug, 2)
- changed: allow Cycle Stack hotkeys to cycle even if stack table requires action
- added: new "Activate Next/Prev table in queue" hotkeys

-fixed: potential bug not allowing you to click away from the most urgent table

- fixed: Winamax tournaments when blinds in the Millions
- fixed: iPokerNew checkbox locations
- fixed: iPoker.FR tournaments not being detected
- fixed: BodogIgnition 'call' button not found (bug)
- fixed: BodogIgnition hotkeys: BetSize,BetPot,Allin
- fixed: Bet % Pot hotkey on GGNetworkNew
- fixed: GGNetworkNew for and Betkings skins
- fixed: Partypoker cash game detection on Small Stakes license
- fixed: WinningPoker bugs, you might need to chose Scan Mode = "PW" in Advanced Options
- fixed: random bugs
- added: new hotkey "Send Keystroke"
v 2.99.04

- changed: the ScanMode chosen during Include Site setup will now be saved for that site (info)
- fixed: BodogIgnition sitout coords (bug)
- fixed: BodogIgnition 'call' button not found
- fixed: install directory will now have full access for all windows users
- added: extra adv option to round BetPot sizes (req)
v 2.99.05

- fixed: WinningPoker update
- added: support for GGNetworkNew Spin&Go tables
- changed: you can now choose the Scan Mode during Include Site setup. the recommended scanmode is already pre-selected
- removed: ScanMode "BB"
v 2.99.06

- fixed: PartyPokerModern update - fold=check for free, sitout hotkeys, Fold To Any, All-in hotkey
- fixed: GGNetworkNew sit out next BB hotkey
- fixed: PokerStarsAurora bug
- fixed: BetxBB, BetPot, All-in hotkey bug
- fixed: scan mode change in 2.99.05 was broken for user's custom sites
- added: "Fold + Move to grid" hotkey

- fixed: WinningPoker update - now defaults to DWM scan mode. if you get 'button detected as black' error, re-include site, but before pressing F9, click the '...' button and choose PW scan mode
- fixed: GGNetworkNew update and Rush FastFold fix (bug)
- fixed: Party Spin&Gos cannot be resized until after first hand dealt
- fixed: Party Fold hotkey on small fastforward tabales (bug)
- fixed: Chico completed SNGs weren't being detected
- fixed: BetPot hotkey for PokerStarsAurora
- fixed: Microgaming sizing bug
- fixed: 888PokerNew BetPot% hotkeys for tournaments (bug)
- fixed: 888 freerolls (bug)
v 2.99.08
- added: support for GGNetworknew skins: 2Bet4Win,BetKings,KingsCasino,Pokercode,Snailpoker
- added: support for iPokerNew skins: RedStar,Betsafe,,Grosvenor,Bestpoker,Betsson,Optibet
- fixed: action required popup fixes
- fixed: iPokerNew update
- fixed: GGNetworkNew sit out hotkeys
- fixed: Party sit out hotkeys
- fixed: Party spin&Go table resizing
- added: option to send 'Bet x BB' hotkey in BBs (req)
- fixed: PokerStarsAurora update
- fixed: BodogIgnition increase bet hotkey increments
- fixed: WPN Blitz tables were detected as tournaments (bug)
v 2.99.09
- fixed: table popup isuses.. sometimes tables would come on top of HUD, hiding the HUD, etc
- added: PPPoker minimal support (see help page)
- added: Bodog timebank clicker only for active/focused table
- fixed: GG hotkeys causing mouse to be randomly held down
- fixed: hotkey tweaks
v 2.99.10
- fixed: WinningPoker update
- fixed: hotkeys bug since 2.99.08 with hotkeys using number keys
- added: support for NordicBet to iPokerNew
- changed: allow GGNetworkNew a 3 pixel grace to reduce resizing errors
- fixed: other bug fixes