v 2.99.11
- fixed: GGPoker doesnt need to move the mouse to resize the table anymore
- fixed: PokerStarsAurora update
- fixed: 888PokerNew update
- fixed: 888PokerNew on smaller table sizes (bug)
- added: support for Sportingbet, skins to PartyPokerModern
- fixed: PartyPoker betting hotkeys reliability and performance
- added: support for PokerPlex,,, skins to iPokerNew
- fixed: iPokerNew update - fold hotkey should click check on the check for free popup
- fixed: WinningPoker checkbox locations, also fixes Blitz tables (bug)
- added: auto click "I am back" on Party to never sit out
- added: option to not click any advanced action fold checkboxes (req)
- added: you can now Drag/Drop tables from out of the stack
- fixed: Start/Stop hotkey
- added: new site: PeoplesPoker (see help page)
- fixed: iPokerNew update
- fixed: GGPoker table resizing issues
- fixed: GGPoker short deck tables
- added: support for GGPCOM skin to GGNetworkNew
- added: BetMGM skin to PartyPokerModern
- fixed: 888New check for free popup - also sometimes was rebuying
- fixed: Bodog allin hotkey when timebank was enabled
- fixed: BodogIgnition_Small timebank clicker
- fixed: Party Fold hotkey checking for free
- fixed: PokerStarsAurora Spin&Go and 6+ Holdem tables
- fixed: Old Tables bug
- added: adv option to Play Sound when action required
- fixed: GGPoker Fold hotkey will now Check for free (req, 2)
- fixed: 888PokerNew update
- fixed: iPokerNew update
- fixed: Winamax update
- added: new site adda52
- fixed: GGpoker Spin&Gold tables
- fixed: GGpoker Fold hotkey now checks for free on Rush tables
- changed: GGpoker betpot and allin hotkeys now require the betsize buttons to
be configured (docs)
- fixed: Stars MicroMillions table bug
- added: skin to iPokerNew
- fixed: Keep table in grid bug
- fixed: Party Fold hotkey not working on Windows Vista
- added: hotkey to Click Coordinate
- changed: Stars 'Call' hotkey will click the Bet button when facing All-in
- fixed: GGNetworkNew update
- fixed: GGNetworkNew Allin-or-fold tables now correctly detect when action required
- fixed: Winamax fold+stack hotkey
- changed: Winamax allin hotkey will click the 4th betsize button