v 2.99.11
- fixed: GGPoker doesnt need to move the mouse to resize the table anymore
- fixed: PokerStarsAurora update
- fixed: 888PokerNew update
- fixed: 888PokerNew on smaller table sizes (bug)
- added: support for Sportingbet, skins to PartyPokerModern
- fixed: PartyPoker betting hotkeys reliability and performance
- added: support for PokerPlex,,, skins to iPokerNew
- fixed: iPokerNew update - fold hotkey should click check on the check for free popup
- fixed: WinningPoker checkbox locations, also fixes Blitz tables (bug)
- added: auto click "I am back" on Party to never sit out
- added: option to not click any advanced action fold checkboxes (req)
- added: you can now Drag/Drop tables from out of the stack
- fixed: Start/Stop hotkey
- added: new site: PeoplesPoker (see help page)
- fixed: iPokerNew update
- fixed: GGPoker table resizing issues
- fixed: GGPoker short deck tables
- added: support for GGPCOM skin to GGNetworkNew
- added: BetMGM skin to PartyPokerModern
- fixed: 888New check for free popup - also sometimes was rebuying
- fixed: Bodog allin hotkey when timebank was enabled
- fixed: BodogIgnition_Small timebank clicker
- fixed: Party Fold hotkey checking for free
- fixed: PokerStarsAurora Spin&Go and 6+ Holdem tables
- fixed: Old Tables bug
- added: adv option to Play Sound when action required
- fixed: GGPoker Fold hotkey will now Check for free (req, 2)
- fixed: 888PokerNew update
- fixed: iPokerNew update
- fixed: Winamax update
- added: new site adda52
- fixed: GGpoker Spin&Gold tables
- fixed: GGpoker Fold hotkey now checks for free on Rush tables
- changed: GGpoker betpot and allin hotkeys now require the betsize buttons to
be configured (docs)
- fixed: Stars MicroMillions table bug
- added: skin to iPokerNew
- fixed: Keep table in grid bug
- fixed: Party Fold hotkey not working on Windows Vista
- added: hotkey to Click Coordinate
- changed: Stars 'Call' hotkey will click the Bet button when facing All-in
- fixed: GGNetworkNew update
- fixed: GGNetworkNew Allin-or-fold tables now correctly detect when action required
- fixed: Winamax fold+stack hotkey
- changed: Winamax allin hotkey will click the 4th betsize button

- added: new site "PartyPokerNew" for their new update. Remove "PartyPokerModern"
- fixed: Chico update
- fixed: mouse clicking bugs related to PokerStarsAurora, SAT will now move the mouse fast to send the clicks.. if you had no bugs earlier, you can revert to the old method (not moving mouse) in Advanced Options
- fixed: StarsAurora zoom tables no longer detect action required for the Fast Fold button
- changed: PokerStarsAurora BetPot hotkeys require new config see docs
- changed: more reliable method for sending bets to betbox on GGNetworkNew
- changed: Winamax allin hotkey will click the 5th betsize button, not 4th
- fixed: Fold hotkey clicks Check on small Chico table sizes (bug)
- added: HollandCasino and NetBetGR skins to iPokerNew
- added: CrystalBet,BetMGM MI skins to PartyPoker sites
- added: PLAYGG skin to GGnetworkNew
- added: hotkey to Change Layout
- added: ability to copy hotkeys from existing layouts into new layouts
- added: WinamaxNew new site profile for their new software
- fixed: BodogIgnition update
- added: Hotkey for Geometric Bet sizings
- added: Betsson and skins to iPokerNew
- fixed: Fold+Stack optimizations
- fixed: SAT gui window outside screen boundaries (bug)
- changed: Chico hotkeys will move the mouse to send clicks for better reliability
- changed: mouse move method
- fixed: bugs
- iPokerNew update (see here for config and then re-Include site)
- Chico update

- fixed: WinningPoker update (requires red buttons)
- fixed: PokerStars update, PokerStarsAurora removed, re-Include your table theme
- added: CoinPoker support
- added: ClubGG support
- added: PokerDom support
- fixed: ChicoEdge update
- fixed: exclude Shiva window from WinamaxNew
- fixed: Stars Zoom tables (requires Mercury theme)
- fixed: iPokerNew Speed tables
- added: ChampionPoker, Lottomatica, SvenskaSpel, Veikkaus skins to iPokerNew
- fixed: various bug fixes
- fixed: Winamax update
- fixed: iPokerNew update
- changed: allow multiple iPoker clients to be included separately
- added: support for WPT Global
- fixed: GG tournament blinds
- fixed: GG short deck tables
- fixed: Chico check or fold popup
- fixed: Party Spins Overdrive tables