v 2.4.10

- fixed: PokerStarsNova action required was failing with Nova Gray theme
- changed: when using New Tables=0, tables will no longer be initially resized to SaT grid slot size
- changed: for Stars, using the BetSize hotkeys will send two clicks to try to improve reliability (bug)
v 2.4.11

- fixed: Winamax was broken on smaller table sizes (you should remove and re-include the site) (bug)
- changed: exclude Winamax replayer
- fixed: PartyPokerModern was not folding at the smallest table size
- fixed: WinningPoker tournament lobbies were being detected as tables (bug)
- changed: all layout files in the /Layouts/ folder are now listed in the Open menu

v 2.50
- added: new Move to Grid setting: on Flop
- added: new Move to Grid setting: on Cards dealt
- added: iPoker_noChat site. Use this site if you hide the chatbox.
- added: Advanced Option to close 888 'User Message' popups (bug, reports)
- removed: Revolution network support (WinCake, Juicy Stakes, Intertops)
- fixed: PokerStarsHyperSimple long standing problem of action being detected on the pre-action checkbox
- fixed: WinningPoker tables with a comma in blinds weren't detected (bug)
- fixed: CakePoker_v1 BetSize hotkeys should work now
- fixed: PokerStars SNG auto registration after bust out (bug)
- changed: MoveToSlotX hotkeys will now swap tables if the slot is already full (request)
- changed: BetSize hotkeys will now work on Ignored Tables if the Adv Option is turned on
- changed: hotkey for 'Activate Most Urgent Table' will also 'Move Mouse to Active Table' if that Adv Option is on
v 2.51

- changed: re-added Revolution network for users who want to use hotkeys
- fixed: WinningPoker update
v 2.52

- added: PartyPoker/iPoker support for euro tables that use a comma instead of decimal ( €0,01/€0,02 )
- added: Move 888 'User Message' popups to grid (Advanced Option)
- removed: Close 888 'User Message' popups (bug)
- fixed: PokerStarsHyperSimple bug where 'Call' mouse click was not detected (bug)
- fixed: WinningPoker updates
v 2.53

- fixed: WinningPoker update


I still haven't bee able to reproduce the random bug where SaT always thinks action is required on some sites. Some people have reported that since v2.50+, when they try to put a table in the stack, it immediately pops out into the grid. If you are having this problem, and you would like to help me out in testing to find the solution, I would appreciate any assistance. Please contact me if you are willing to help out. Thanks
v 2.54
- fixed: bug where tables always required action on all Custom Sites (many, bug, reports)
- fixed: FullTiltPoker bug where tournament prizepool window was being detected as a table (bug)
v 2.55

- fixed: WinningPoker update
v 2.56

- added: 'Sit Out all tables' hotkey (req)
- removed: 'Include Holecard Detection' setting.. now combined into End Of Hand automatically
- fixed: some End Of Hand detection bugs
- fixed: WinningPoker update
- fixed: 'When dealt cards' and 'On flop' bug fixes when you send table back to stack but cards still visible (bug)
- fixed: BetSize hotkeys weren't moving table to grid in 'After Entering Pot' mode (bug)
- fixed: HEM replayer was being detected as a Revolution table
- fixed: Merge tournament rebuy popup was getting clicked by mistake (bug)
- fixed: Merge Fold hotkey wasn't clicking the pre-action fold checkbox (bug)
- fixed: uses 'c' instead of '¢' for cents (bug)
- changed: iPoker now uses the 'call' button to determine action required (bug)
v 2.57
- fixed: Merge wasn't detecting action required facing allin
- added: Increase/Decrease bet increment of 'halfsb' (req)
- added: allow sitout coordinates to be specified for custom sites