Site specific slots
tl;dr: assign slots to only fill with specific sites

Figure this request is a long shot but any chance you would consider implementing this feature?

I request this because its become almost impossible to effectively multi-site Bodog with its recent software changes. The problem primarily lies with its extremely out-of-sync sound system, which plays sounds committed by actions at every table instead of only your focused table. The constant barrage of sounds makes it almost impossible to be notified via sound that it's your turn to act. You're essentially forced to catch the action buttons as they pop-up (which are difficult to see because they're black and practically fade into an opaque background) to prevent yourself from timing out (no preflop timebank either lol).

This probably isn't a problem for people who stack+tile all their tables, but I prefer keeping active tables in slots to see what's going on and only tile my inactive ones (waiting for HU, etc).

The only solution I can think of is stacking bodog tables and having them pop into my monitors most visible slots. For example, I'll assign slot 1 as the stack slot and have only Bodog tables tile into slots 2-5 when they require action. It'll then be easy to catch my action because the screen in that area will only fill with Bodog tables.

All this and I think it'll be a cool feature to have anyway. Oh and happy holidays Smile
Actually shit I just thought of something

Would this work if I just run two instances of Stack + Tile and config one specifically for Bodog?
(12-25-2011, 01:26 PM)zenzor Wrote: Actually shit I just thought of something

Would this work if I just run two instances of Stack + Tile and config one specifically for Bodog?

I was just going to suggest this because I don't see myself implementing your idea any time soon.

SaT allows you to create multiple layout configs, so when you open the second instance of SaT, you can just go to File -> Open Layout and choose your other config.

This will work, you will end up with two stacks and two grids. Now, you will want to ensure that each stack and each grid slots do not overlap each other. Each slot for each individual instance needs to be visible by itself, otherwise you will probably run into problems with tables not popping to the top.

So for example, a normal 6 slot SaT config might look like this:
1 | 2 | 3
4 | 5 | 6

Now, when you set up two instances, you want each slot from each layout to not overlap. So here is one example that would work. I'll use single numbers for one SaT instance and double numbers for the second instance:
1  |  2  |  3
11 |  22 |  33

That is clear, allowing for three slots for each instance, with the two stacks each on the left, and their corresponding grids to the right.

But of course you could throw them all over, just ensure they dont overlap:
1  |  22  |  2  |  3
11 |  33  |  4  |  5
In the above example, if you had the second instance with double numbers as your Bodog layout, then the Bodog stack would be in the 11 position and would move into the first column of your screen, while your main stack would move to the two right columns.

Another thing to be aware of is to only configure sites with one SaT layout at a time. You don't want both instances to be trying to move the same sites tables around.

Hope that makes sense

Ok I did everything you suggested and the tables on both sites are stacking, tiling and popping up in sync.

I'm having some problems with hotkeys though. If I use the same hotkeys on both instances of S&T, they only get read on one site. I kinda had a hunch this would happen and was hoping it wouldn't because it would be a major pain in the ass to play with different hotkeys on each site.

Anything you can suggest that may fix this?
Hrmmm crap this is true. What you can try is to use the ~ prefix for all of your hotkeys. The ~ prefix tells SaT to pass through the hotkey to windows, so for example, if you have ~RButton for right mouse click, it will still give you the right click popup. This is the method that is also used to use SaT in conjunction with other hotkey programs such as TableNinja.

So, if you use F for "fold+stack", try using ~F in both instances of SaT and see if it works.
that seems to work, thanks.
having another issue

I hotkeyed Fold + Stack Table to ~XButton1. The command works properly on Stars, however Bodog tables will stack but not fold. This problem occurs both running two instances of S&T simultaneously or just one individually. However the action does work on both sites if I bind the hotkey to a keyboard button. I tested binding the ~g hotkey to Stack + Fold and it worked with both sites, so there's something wrong with the mouse button bind.

Can you check whether or not Bodog has a shortcut internally bound to XButton mouse click? Some sites for example pop up menus on an RButton press, so hotkeys bound to right mouse click will fail on those clients since the poker client will override the hotkey and pop up its internal menu. Maybe Bodog does something stupid.

Otherwise I dont really have any other ideas why that would fail. Sad

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