Show played table count
I see that under General tab we have the option "Show table count popup" but it just records the number of tables I'm playing at the moment. What I suggest is adding another option to show the information of how many tables I've played over the session.
The table count popup shows the number of tables that are open and detected at the moment. That would include observing tables on some sites as well, even if you're not sitting.

Counting the number of tables played altogether over a session would be unreliable I think. SAT doesn't really keep track of that information. The only easy way I can think of would be to track if SAT detects that action is required on a table, and count that as a "played table". But I would think just using your poker tracker should be more reliable, no?
For me, as a SNG player, knowing how many tournaments I've played so far would help me to verify how many tables should I still register to reach my daily goal of tournaments. Also, it would be outstanding if I could see the table count I've played for each poker site, so I could estimate how many I should still play to achieve rake leaderboards from the sites. Partypoker and Chico dont allow poker trackers for exemplo, so the only way to see is via Sharkscope, which is a bit painful

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