New method to disable Aurora graphics on PokerStars
An SaT user has informed me of this new method to turn off the Aurora graphics engine in PokerStars. This worked for me and a few other players. They said that this is the method that Stars support is giving to players who want to revert back

1. Open PokerStars client
2. click Help -> Open My Settings folder
3. Open up the user.ini file
4. Close the PokerStars client
5. Underneath [PipeOption] add this line:
6. Save the file
7. Re-open PokerStars

If this works for you, please reply to let me know. Then you can remove PokerStarsAurora from SAT and go back and include the normal Stars site for your theme


One user said that a Stars update required some additional steps to revert back and get rid of Aurora:

1. Go to PokerStars installation directory (Usually it is located at C:/Program Files (x86)/PokerStars)
2. Go to backup folder
3. Select all the files by pressing CTRL + A
4. Copy all the files you’ve selected by pressing CTRL + C
5. Go back to PokerStars folder
6. Paste all the files by pressing CTRL + V, select "Replace files in destination folder"
7. Run PokerStars using PokerStars.exe file from PokerStars folder (Not via the standard shortcut on the desktop, otherwise the client will be updated again. The shortcut points to the file PokerStarsUpdate.exe)

So you can try doing these as well, in addition to making the ini change above
I just ask stars support about it and it told me i could give it a try after giving me also another method . I did all the steps and now i can see on table theme all the old themes . Thank you man i hope this is permanent . I am so tired with this Aurora BS Sad
Yes Aurora is pretty bad. I'm glad at least they are giving us the option
Thanks. It actually works.. It's so smooth compared to Aurora crap.
It works for me but the Timebank doesnt run down and you cant see the colour if you want to label someone.
Overall still a progress! Thanks!
Fuck that Aurora crap. I got somewhat used to it but man the old layout is just so much sexier.
whoever discovered this, I love you
how can you do this on Mac?
(01-29-2021, 03:59 AM)thomas Wrote: how can you do this on Mac?

No idea. SAT is windows only
It worked! Thanks! Anybody knows how to disable the knockout animation at the center of the screen tho?

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