hi, I have some questions. is it possible to use the ps4 joystick as hotkeys? If so, how do you set it up? if it is not possible because I can not use the keypad on the right of the keyboard but it only reads the numbers horizontally in the part of the letters on the left
Some players have used external controllers with SAT. The easiest way is to use some type of driver software to remap your controller buttons to keyboard letters, and then set up hotkeys in SAT for those same letters. So for example use some software (such as Xpadder? I don't know exactly) to remap the Triangle button on the controller to the keyboard key F11. And then set up a hotkey in SAT with key F11 for whatever action you want.

As far as the number keypad on the right of the keyboard, those should work, but you need to use the "NumPad" hotkeys instead of the normal numbers. So you would set up a hotkey with key "NumPad1" or "NumPad2" or "NumPadEnter" etc. Obviously you would also need to make sure that the Num Lock is turned on on your keyboard

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