Taking input from gamepad

I used to bind SaT hotkeys to an other program (Xpadder), but it doesn't works anymore, however I can bind the gamepad buttons to the PS client directly. Would it be possible for SaT to accept input from the gamepad? It's a standard Xbox One controller if that helps.

Thank you
Unlikely that SAT will support gamepads natively. Why did xpadder stop working?
The support said PokerStars likely blocking it which is strange because it can be used directly with the client
You've made sure to turn off all hotkeys inside Stars right? And only use xpadder?
Yes, PS hotkeys are turned off. I bind the SaT hotkey to the gamepad button and nothing happens. Tried it with running as administrator too.
I thought the idea was, you bind SAT to a keyboard key such as F13 or something. And then you bind the gamepad button to F13 inside xpadder
I might explained myself incorrectly but you said it right, this is how I intend to use it
Except I want to bind F13 then to the gamepad button inside Xpadder
What if you set up a hotkey inside SAT for "Move table to next slot" and choose key F13

And then inside Xpadder, bind a gamepad button to F13

Does pressing the gamepad button move the table? Can you try other sites besides pokerstars also?
I can't bind F13 to Xpadder, there are only possible inputs that are present on a keyboard (F1-F12). With F1 it didn't work. Unfortunately I can only test with Pokerstars

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