Hotkey for bet multiple of previous bet size

I had this idea for dedicated hotkeys of betting multiple of a previous bet size. This would be very useful for 3bet and check/raise spots. 

Example: Raiser First in Opens for 3bb, I click "Bet x% of previous bet size" (in this example 400%) and SaT would bet 12bb. 

This would save me a lot of time calculating the size in my hand then use the "Bet of %Pot" key. Not sure if it implementable. 

Thank you
The problem with this becomes, how do we get the value for the "previous bet size"?

There is no good way that I can think of, at first thought.

Its the same issue as with the BetPot% hotkeys... how do we get the Pot value? We could scan the graphics, but that is extremely unreliable. How SAT works around that is, first it clicks the Pot preset BetSize button on the table, and then copies the value from the betbox. That seems to work pretty well.

My first thought was, we could click the "Min" preset betsize button, that will allow us to copy the minraise value, and then we could just take half of that. But that fails too: raiser opens for 3bb, but our minraise size would be 5bb, so if we only took half of that, SAT would think the previous betsize is 2.5
Can SaT take data from chatbox or it would be the same as screen reading? PokerStars give copyable text, but i can only think in terms of that, afaik GG now even offers table chat. For now thats the only alternative came to my mind
*edit: GG not offers table chat afaik
If the chatbox text is copyable, then SAT can read it. I don't know how difficult it will be to match the text with the actions. But if the feature will only work on Stars then its not super useful

Wouldnt this situation be easier to just spam WheelUp clicks? Then you dont have to spend time calculating in your head what % of pot to use..
I can only talk about the sites I'm currently playing at but iirc GG eliminated table chats entirely. PokerStars still dumps everything what happens at the table instantly to the chatbox in text.

I don't think a solution would be reliable for every situation trying to reverse calculate from Pot sizes like with the Bet % Pot hotkey or if it would be even possible so don't have much idea besides reading the chatbox or the table.

The difficulty comes from not such hands as the in example but when I want to lets say check-raise and can only approximate how much would be i.e 3.75 (check-raise size) times 1.86 (villain bet) - ending up betting a significantly different amount than I wanted.
I think this request has to take a back seat for now since there doesn't seem to be an easy way to implement it

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