Supernova - Thanks
Hi Greg,

As you know from out discussions in March, I just couldn't stay away ! So I took out the monthly subscription of SaT to swap back to playing 180s from hypers on a part time basis. It proved to be a profitable decision and I made a Stellar Reward I'd been aiming for last night to finish off the year, which makes 2015 my 4th winning year. However, with all the changes in the game over the last year and the new changes being put in place for 2016 I've decided this is definitely the time to move on so I've stopped my subscription and this time its definitely for good. I don't even enjoy the winning that much any more and given the changes, the amounts for part time play are definitely no longer worth the effort for me. I'm very lucky to be able to officially classed myself as retired at 49 (not from poker !, I was fortunate at work and poker just kept me mentally active and provided an extra income) so I don't need to do anything that I don't enjoy any more and that's now definitely the case with poker. 

That said, I just wanted to say again how brilliant your software is and how fantastic your support has been over the 4 years I've been used SaT. I could not possibly have earned what I did and played the volume for Supernova without it. I've used various software over the years, all of which have been good but not actually a necessity. I could play without a HUD, I don't need to have ICM calculators etc, although they all help. However, I would class SaT as the one piece of software I had to have, I could not have played the volume without it. The fact that it and the support you provide were so brilliant has been a massive bonus. Poker filled a small gap in my retirement plan and provided me with a new car, that simply would not have been possible if I hadn't played the volume I did over the last 4 years and I could not have done that without SaT, so I will be forever grateful for the software and support you have provided. 

All the best for the future, I hope you continue to get the support you deserve and that the changes in the industry don't have any adverse impact on you as yours is the one piece of software I would happily recommend to any serious poker player, I can not speak highly enough about what you provide in terms of software and support. 

Have a great 2016 and beyond.


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